Invasion of the fish fuckers

Duration: 6min 14sec Views: 590 Submitted: 13.03.2020
Category: RoughSex
Aliens who've come to earth to spawn deep beneath the ocean begin terrorizing a Florida beach community. An ichthyologist and a young filmmaker team up to uncover the mystery of these monsters from the deep--before they strike again. You'd think that title would be reserved for a vampire flick or maybe killer ants. There are some crude gags bubbling beneath the surface here, including one of the wildest "vagina dentata" moments I've seen.

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The film follows some of the premise covered in the Roger Corman film Humanoids from the Deep — sea creatures coming to shore and attacking and mating with humans, but also contains the idea of a film-within-a-film device. A film crew Nick Baldasare plays the director Mel Duncan are on location making a film Invasion of the Fishfuckers — which happens to be a story about sea creatures coming ashore and attacking and mating with humans. Ron Jeremy is part of this film crew. Whilst they are making the film, coincidentally the very thing they're filming seems to be happening around them.

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