Black girls white slaves

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Jones-Rogers , UC Berkeley associate professor of history, expands our understanding of American slavery and the 19th century slave market with an investigation into the role of white women in the slave economy. She found they were active participants, profited from it and were as brutal as men in their management techniques. On Monday, Oct. The event takes place during the national observance of the th anniversary of the forced arrival in of enslaved Africans in the English colonies. Berkeley is participating with a year-long series of events that honor and celebrate the extraordinary intellectual, social and cultural contributions of African Americans, examine the long-lasting impacts of slavery and explore the roots and consequences to our society of continued discrimination, bias and inequality.

BLACKS and WHITE SLAVES from around the world.

White Women Slave Owners, Economics, and the Law | AAIHS

In a treatise published in , Anglican clergyman Morgan Godwyn, who had ministered to parishes in Virginia and Barbados , recounted the public flogging of an enslaved woman. Godwyn was shocked, but it probably did not strike the other onlookers as unusual. Certainly nothing about this scene would surprise Stephanie E. Indeed, they were as invested in slavery as their male counterparts and assumed central roles in buying, selling, and disciplining enslaved people in public as well as in domestic spaces. This is, as Jones-Rogers argues, a vast category when compared to the elite southern women who left behind diaries and letters and have never been studied systematically. Young girls were socialized to be enslavers.

Unmasked: Many white women were Southern slave owners, too

The man who bought her was James White, a longtime New Orleans slave trader, who had recently sold his slave pen and bought land just up the river from New Orleans, in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana. Sometime shortly after her sale, however, Morrison ran away. By the time White saw her again, in October , they were in a courtroom in Jefferson Parish where Morrison had filed suit against him.
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