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Swingers club doesn't pose problems in Milford

My Girlfriend and I went there to check it out. It was fine untill this older guy Mike started to inappropriately touch my girlfriend without even talking to her first. She felt really uncomfortable and violated. We didn't say anything because this Mike guy works there and she thought they would believe him over us and we would get kicked out. We just said goodbye to a couple people then left. Never going there again! This one is very hard to believe.

Swingers club doesn't pose problems in Milford

Despite the recent controversy surrounding "sexual encounter establishments," police in that area say they've never had serious problems with the club in all of the years it's been there. The building is tucked away among other office buildings along the curves of Highway Some folks in the area say they've never had a problem with the swingers club. During a board of trustees meeting in West Chester Township Tuesday night, some community members expressed their opinions on a swingers club that was set to open up there next month, saying that the club would dramatically diminish the standards, morale and safety in the city.
From the description of the locker rooms, I assumed it was an "on-premise" sort of place but wasn't sure and the admission fee is a bit much to get to a place like this and find out it wasn't what you were expecting. Hubby and I were discussing maybe going and doing the "chained door" sort of thing but from the site it was hard to tell if that was a possibility we like the idea of being watched but aren't sure if we're ready Again, thank you so much for this article. I hope the club adds a link or shares some of this info on their site one day.