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An endless stream of emails, posts, tweets, likes, comments and pictures keeps us constantly plugged into modern life. But in Japan half a million people live as modern-day hermits. A government survey found roughly , 1. The condition was initially thought to be unique to Japan, but in recent years cases have appeared across the world. In neighbouring South Korea, a analysis estimated there were 33, socially withdrawn adolescents 0. Whether due to increased awareness or a growing problem remains unclear, but concern around social isolation is on the rise globally.

Billie Eilish tackles body shaming as her world tour kicks off in Miami

Japanese Idol Group Names

Pop star Billie Eilish delivered a powerful message about body shaming as she kicked off her world tour in Miami on Monday night. The year-old has previously said she wears baggy clothes to avoid being sexualised, and addressed criticism of that choice during a video interlude. In the visual, Eilish was seen removing several layers of clothing until she was only wearing a bra, before sinking symbolically under the surface of a black, tar-like liquid. At the end of the clip, she warned against making "assumptions about people based on their size".

The prison inside: Japan's hikikomori lack relationships, not physical spaces

Their distinct appearance is characterised by long, trailing kimono , traditional hairstyles and oshiroi make-up. It was also the case that historically most geisha were male, only later becoming a profession mainly characterised by female workers. The most literal translation of "geisha" in the English language would be "artist", "performing artist" or "artisan".
Even if you have no idea whatsoever about what goes on in the pop culture or on the music scene, the chances What Challenges do Japanese Idols face? Once heavily manufactured, male idol groups are changing. What -Japanese ver. Now, many girl idol groups exist in Japan.