My wife wants to watch

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Wife wants to watch me have sex with girls.

My Wife Wants To Watch Me Having Sex With Another Woman. She Told Me It's O | Relationship Talk

You should be asking yourself what you want, given how shabbily you have been treated, says Annalisa Barbieri. My wife and I have been married for nearly 20 years. We have three teenage children. My wife became uninterested in our sex life about 10 years ago.


Ask Your Question today. My wife keeps bringing up the subject. Not sure if I could get the courage to ask some girl to have sex in front of my wife. We would get this big grin talking about it, then say "I don't think so. Is there anyplace I can find a hot woman to watch me and my wife having sex?
Do you think it would be good to try it once on like a trial kind of thing and if she gets jealous, we can stop and not try it again? This is one of her strongest fantasies and she's desperate for me to agree to it If you guys are married, I don't think it's a good idea period. Maybe act on it if you do not have any children It's like this, I can fantasize in my head about my husband doing another woman, and it's arousing to me