Naked twister party

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By Michael Blaustein. A Georgia mom avoided jail time after she allegedly had sex with a teenager at a booze- and drug-fueled party that included a few games of naked Twister. According to the police report on the incident, Lehnardt told her sponsor that she started playing naked Twister in the living room with a group of the teens before she left the game to have sex with an year-old in the bathroom. Read Next. Obama's cringeworthy 'Happy Birthday' song for Malia. This story has been shared , times.

Mom Who Joined Teens' Naked Twister Party Avoids Prison

Georgia Mom's 'Naked Twister' Party Ends With Guilty Plea, Probation | HuffPost

The year-old mother was participating in Alcoholics Anonymous at the time of the party, and will have to go through mandatory drug and alcohol treatment and testing. After letting the teens drink alcohol and smoke marijuana, she joined them in a game of naked Twister, according to the report. She then had sex with an year-old in the bathroom while the game continued, police said. After the party, Lenhardt and her husband lost custody of their five children, and the paternal grandparents were given custody, but it was unclear if that will change now that Lenhardt has been sentenced. Write to Abigail Abrams at abigail. By Abigail Abrams. Get The Brief.

Alcoholic mother who hosted naked Twister party with teen daughter won’t face jail

A mom accused of allowing her daughter and teenage friends to smoke marijuana, drink alcohol and play "naked Twister" has sidestepped a serious criminal record by taking advantage of Georgia's First Time Offenders Act. Because she had no prior felony arrests, she was able to take advantage of the state's First Time Offenders Act. In exchange for her guilty pleas, she will be eligible to have her record sealed upon successful completion of the terms of her probation.
Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. According to a police report , Lehnardt told her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor of a wild night in April that led to the mother losing custody of her children.