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I got my Gregg figure today and was excited to see how he looks since all the stuff i ordered from here was perfect. But i was shocked , he came with a face full of black paint marks and a kinda broken off and messy painted leg and boot and a badly cut nose. I was scared to even take him out of the plastic. I mean its nothing some TLC, paint and super glue cant fix but i still expected a somewhat decent statue from here.

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Greggory Lee , or Gregg , is Mae's best friend and Angus' boyfriend, having known them both in high school. Gregg is an orange fox with navy eyes and yellow scleras. He has a minor overbite, with two sharp teeth sticking out of his mouth. His attire consists of a black, leather jacket over a dark gray shirt.

Jen is Gregg 's cousin. She was added to Night in the Woods in the Weird Autumn update. Much like Gregg, Jen is an orange fox. Main differences are that her eyes are red, she has lighter orange marks above her eyes, and her fur sticks out along her cheeks. She wears a long-sleeved black shirt, a black handkerchief around her neck, black shorts, beige stockings, and grey shoes.
It is a story-focused exploration game in which players control a young woman [1] named Mae, who recently dropped out of college and has returned to her hometown to find unexpected changes. The Xbox One version was released on December 13, , while a version for the Nintendo Switch was released on February 1, It features new content not seen in the original game, as well as the supplemental games. Mae, an only child, has returned home to Possum Springs—a town populated by zoomorphic humans. She is forced to confront a horrible secret the town has hidden for decades involving not only the town's mine, but also the recent disappearance of her longtime friend Casey.