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With a few angry finger jabs to her home screen she shut off her phone, shoved it into her backpack, and looked out the car window. She later told me what my heart already suspected. The other details followed. Not only did she not know the classmate very well, he asked the question so casually it made her feel invisible, almost worthless. She smirked, wiped her eyes, and showed me her phone as if it were a badge of honor.

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Adrienne Cutway , Web Editor. Seuss books canceled Shaq, the big-time wrestler ]. The girl and her mother got into a fight about the messages and the teen left her home. Law enforcement officers located her in Lakeland and questioned her about the content of the messages, according to the report. Fehringer said he knew the victim was 15 but messaged her regardless, according to the affidavit.

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Dillon Copeland is an attractive, talented teenager who resides with his uncle in Colorado. He has a crush on Megan who is also interested in him. As the plot thickens, some VERY disturbing secrets are revealed — the kind of secrets that are better kept in the basement.
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