Sex with my mum

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And Here’s Some Pics Of My Mum Having Sex…

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By The Ed. We love people who push boundaries at The Home Style… but hell fire! Mr Leigh Ledare takes pictures of his mother having sex with young men. I have spent time living in Denmark where the question of nudity between parents and their children does not on the whole take on the weird sexual edge that it does in the UK and certainly in America. Nudity is nudity, but why pictures?


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The skin is not such a place and as the sample dries, the sperm die also. I am guessing that you have some sperm that was deposited on the skin around your vagina and are worried if it can transfer inside. This is unlikely but you can consider next time using protection or at least taking a shower or bath right after sex the next time. Sperm are a little more rugged than that. We and many other earthly species would not have survived all these millenia if sperm died at the first breath of fresh air.