South african hardcore

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South African hardcore is pretty fucking dead. The old hardcore scene has grown up and largely moved on to jobs that are the antithesis to the music they grew up listening to… or just other things. The current crop of impressionable youths who, once, might have thrown down to Go! Bronco, now get psychedelic with the likes of Black Math.

Hardcore wrestlers put on insane display in South Africa

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Crossingpoint was a South African-based Hardcore punk band, formed in They are widely accepted as being the longest running South African Hardcore group, and have in turn inspired many more hardcore bands throughout the South-African music scene. Today, they play a breed of heavy metal , rock and punk , combined with a positive message in their lyrics. The first incarnation of the band had lyrics by the founding vocalist Wesley van Eeden that dealt with sexism , animal cruelty and personal responsibility. Current vocalist Raymond Douglas sings songs that focus more on personal and spiritual issues that he has dealt with. Despite not being on a major music label, the band managed to become popular, not only in South Africa, but also internationally.


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