Te prometo anarquía full movie

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Category: Vintage
Browse our picks. See the full gallery. Title: I Promise You Anarchy In a contemporary Mexico City, two skating lovers develop their relationship at the same time as they try to carry on business with drug mafia. Blood trafficking, skateboarding and romance combine in the shadows of Mexico City. Miguel and Johnny hang out in an abandoned truck trailer tank, thread through foot and vehicle traffic on skateboards, get high on various substances and only abandon this easy-going and carefree existence when they need cash.


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Miguel and Johnny have known each other since childhood. They spend their life skateboarding with their friends in throbbing Mexico City. Selling their own blood and getting donors for the ER black market represent easy money for them until a big transaction ends up bad for everyone involved. While the Spanish title Regression will open the gathering out of competition, the sixth film by the Belgian director, The White Knights , will be competing with other previously announced movies. The Locarno International Film Festival promises a rich, hot-off-the-press programme guided by a strong sense of sharing. Privacy Policy.

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They spend time skating together with friends in the streets of Mexico City. They sell their blood on the black market and recruit other donors. A large transaction ends badly for everyone involved. Miguel's mother decides to take him out of the country, far from Johnny.
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