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After the two start dancing at a club, lights strobing as their bodies move in and out of the darkness, the scene changes seamlessly. Afterward the two disengage, and we hear the sound of condoms being pulled off, Sean carefully knotting his in close-up before throwing it away. He takes a pump bottle of lube from the nightstand, which he dispenses into his hand and applies. The sequence takes 15 seconds, and is as perfunctory as removing their pants, but no less crucial to their aims.

Did ‘The Normal Heart’ End Up Really Mattering?

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For Murphy, who is openly gay and who came of age as the AIDS epidemic began to mushroom, taking on the project meant a lot. I always thought like I was really on borrowed time, which is where I think a lot of my ambition came from, because I felt I have a lot to do and maybe not a lot of time to do it in. So, only when I finished the movie did I realize, for me, what a cathartic thing it was, and how much pain and loss and death that I had sort of filed away in my life. So it was very powerful, a very moving experience for me. But the gay community itself comes in for much criticism for not wanting to face an epidemic that would so alter a culture of sexual liberation. Kramer, with the publication of his book, Faggots , like Ned Weeks in the film, had been a critic of the gay bathhouse and sex culture even before AIDS had become a reality.

The Best Gay Sex Scenes You'll See All Year Are In This New Film About AIDS Activism

Its central character, Ned Weeks—a thinly veiled but egoless version of Kramer—channels the kind of blistering fury that ignites everything in its immediate path. Kramer wrote the play before President Reagan had ever publicly acknowledged the existence of AIDS but after several thousand men, a number of whom were his close personal friends, had died of a mysterious "gay cancer. Mark Ruffalo offers a tight, deliberately understated turn as someone who, in the midst of what feels like a war, finds true love and then loses it.
Kyle Turner. Or was it a month ago? The only thing I vividly remember about it was the scene in the bathhouse where Matt Bomer follows Mark Ruffalo into a steam room. And then, flashing forward to the present to reveal the date that the two are on, Bomer reminiscing about their casual encounter. What can I say?