Ueno san wa bukiyou

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Ueno invents a deodorizing machine. She demands that everyone submit their stinkiest item of clothing for a smell test. After a search for school spirits, Tanaka is offered a sip of recycled sweat off the beautiful body of a female athlete. Browse our picks.

Ueno-san wa bukiyou

How Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno - Wikipedia

It began serialization in Hakusensha 's Young Animal magazine on February 27, An anime television series adaptation by Lesprit aired from January 6 to March 24, Tugeneko launched the manga in Hakusensha 's seinen manga magazine Young Animal on February 27, An anime television series adaptation was announced in the 11th issue of Young Animal on May 25, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. How Clumsy you are, Miss Ueno Cover of the first manga volume. Anime News Network.

How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno.

She is the current president of the Science Club. Her inventions and how she uses them on Tanaka form the episodic structure of the story. Ueno has red hair tied in twintails.
As the head of her middle school's science club, it's only fitting that Ueno is also a brilliant inventor. With devices that can convert any liquid into drinkable water, deodorize the most foul smells, or even generate dark matter to be used as a means of concealment, it seems like nothing is beyond Ueno's capabilities. However, she doesn't invent these devices for the advancement of mankind. Rather, the one force that motivates her is love, the only phenomenon she can't quite figure out. Ueno is head over heels for Tanaka, her nonchalant fellow club member.